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Purchasing Eyewear

Purchasing Eyewear Graphic As Doctors of Optometry, we ensure your new glasses fit your visual and eye health needs, as well as your fashion sense.

Doctors of Optometry offer a wide variety of styles and brands. However, not all glasses are created equal. Some Eyeglass lenses provide clearer vision; some are more scratch or impact resistant.

The corrective lens prescription given to you by your doctor of optometry is only once piece of information that will determine how well you will see with your new eyewear. During the normal process of selecting and fitting your new eyeglasses, your doctor of optometry or their staff will determine a number of things to make sure your new purchase is custom made to give you clear and comfortable vision, while also ensuring you look great, including:

  • Accurately measuring the distance from the bridge of your nose to the centre of each pupil, so your new lenses will be properly centred in the new frames relative to your eyes
  • Selecting the right size and shape of frame for you
  • Determining what curvature of lens and type of lens material is best for you
  • Determining what coatings to use on your lenses the best suit your needs
  • Determining the height to place the optical centre of the lens in your frames
  • Measuring how high to place the bifocal or progressive (if you wear a multifocal lens)
  • Properly adjusting the frame to your face

A Note on Buying Your Glasses Online

Research has found that many online eyewear purchases have failed at least one parameter of optical or impact testing. When ordering online, the consumer is taking on the role of a trained and licensed optical dispenser. This includes taking technical measurements and making critical decisions with respect to the frame, lens and material selection. If done incorrectly, it is not uncommon to have problems with your eyewear that may be immediate or develop after using your new eyeglasses for a period of time. Internet providers are unregulated, and are not required to comply with legislation that ensure the safety and accuracy of your finished eyewear.