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Visitor Alert: COVID-19 Update

Are you open and accepting patients?

Yes, we are OPEN by appointment! To book, please call 403-652-2424 or email

Due to limited exam availability and increased sanitizing and safety protocols we are booking full exams up to 1 week in advance.

Should I get my eyes examined during the pandemic?

In a time of continued uncertainty, one thing remains clear: your vision is important and you can take steps to keep it that way, even during a pandemic.

As with every aspect of our lives, significant modifications have been made to the way Spectrum Eyecare & Eyewear operates, putting safety first. You will see spaced appointments and physical distancing, staff and doctors using protective equipment, modifications to some tests, and more — with the same commitment to patient health.

Every effort is being made to ensure that our staff, doctors and patients are kept safe. Putting aside COVID-19 concerns, there are seven reasons to urgently call your eye doctor, no matter the age of the patient:

  • Eye injury
  • Eye pain
  • If you notice new floaters or flashes of light
  • Red eye
  • A sudden change in vision
  • Blank or wavy spots
  • Refills for prescription eye drops

Delaying care in these situations may result in poor outcomes, including vision loss. If you are unable to attend an in-person appointment, we may be able to offer you a telephone consultation with one of our doctors to triage care and discuss options. When in doubt, call us at 403-652-2424!

What do I need to know for my appointment?

  1. Please arrive to your appointment wearing a clean mask covering both nose and mouth (non-medical or medical grade). Due to a shortage of PPE, we are unable to provide free masks for patients. If you require a mask, we have a limited quantity available for purchase ($2) at the front desk. We reserve the right to refuse service at any point if you do not have an appropriate mask available.
  2. We are accepting only the scheduled patient in our clinic. If you require a caretaker (patients 12 and under, elderly, or special needs) please limit to one accompanying individual and notify us at the time of booking.
  3. Please use the provided hand sanitizer upon entry, or request access to the public restroom to wash your hands.
  4. All magazines, pamphlets and toys have been removed from our waiting area, as well as our watercooler and self-serve coffee station and excess waiting area seating.
  5. All hard surfaces, testing equipment, exam rooms, frames, and point of sale terminals will be thoroughly sanitized between patients.

Adjustments, Repairs & Ordering Glasses?

Optician services will require a pre-appointment. Walk-ins will be accommodated when we are able, you may be required to wait in your vehicle or asked to schedule a time to return to the clinic if we are expecting scheduled patients that will put us above our maximum capacity of in-clinic patients.

Adjustments Adjustment appointments will be limited to 15 minutes.

Repairs Please package your frame and all parts in a baggie with your contact information and drop off at the front desk. Our Opticians will notify you when your frame is ready for pickup.

Ordering Glasses Frame selection appointments will be limited to 30 minutes. We request that you please refrain from touching any of the frames on the display boards. Our opticians are happy to assist you in selecting frames to try on.

Can I order contact lenses?

Please call or e-mail with your requested quantity of contact lenses. We will place your order and have the lenses shipped directly to you. We are only able to supply contact lenses for current contact lens wearers. If you are interested in trying contact lenses, you will be placed on a waitlist until we are able to safely resume contact lens training.

What payment methods are you accepting?

When possible, please send an e-transfer to We are also able to accept credit card payments via phone. If you need to pay in the clinic, debit or credit is available. Please limit cash and cheques if possible.

Where can I find more info on COVID-19?



Our website and social media pages will be updated with any further developments in the operations of our clinic. On behalf of the Doctors and Staff, thank you for your patience and please know our thoughts are with you and your families,

The Spectrum Eyecare & Eyewear Team

Give the Gift of Vision: Trek for Sight Sri Lanka

SRI LANKA header image for website

In March 2020, Dr. Tannis Shakya will be trekking through Sri Lanka to raise much-needed funds for Optometry Giving Sight. Donations will go towards ensuring unnecessary blindness and vision impairment doesn’t get in the way of someone achieving their potential!

As little as $5 will provide an eye exam and pair of glasses for someone in need and as much as $1000 will support a local optometry student studying to be one of the first optometrists in their country, helping provide sustainable eye care for the future.

Dr. Shakya will have the opportunity to visit the Warakapola Vision Centre to gain better insight into how the project we’re supporting is run, and participate in the examination and screening process, registration of patients, and distribution of spectacles.

Our office will have a donation box at the front desk leading up to Dr. Shakya's trip, or feel free to use the button below to visit Dr. Shayka's CanadaHelps Fundraising page and see how much we have raised so far!

Purchasing Eyewear

Purchasing Eyewear Graphic As Doctors of Optometry, we ensure your new glasses fit your visual and eye health needs, as well as your fashion sense.

Doctors of Optometry offer a wide variety of styles and brands. However, not all glasses are created equal. Some Eyeglass lenses provide clearer vision; some are more scratch or impact resistant.

The corrective lens prescription given to you by your doctor of optometry is only once piece of information that will determine how well you will see with your new eyewear. During the normal process of selecting and fitting your new eyeglasses, your doctor of optometry or their staff will determine a number of things to make sure your new purchase is custom made to give you clear and comfortable vision, while also ensuring you look great, including:

  • Accurately measuring the distance from the bridge of your nose to the centre of each pupil, so your new lenses will be properly centred in the new frames relative to your eyes
  • Selecting the right size and shape of frame for you
  • Determining what curvature of lens and type of lens material is best for you
  • Determining what coatings to use on your lenses the best suit your needs
  • Determining the height to place the optical centre of the lens in your frames
  • Measuring how high to place the bifocal or progressive (if you wear a multifocal lens)
  • Properly adjusting the frame to your face

A Note on Buying Your Glasses Online

Research has found that many online eyewear purchases have failed at least one parameter of optical or impact testing. When ordering online, the consumer is taking on the role of a trained and licensed optical dispenser. This includes taking technical measurements and making critical decisions with respect to the frame, lens and material selection. If done incorrectly, it is not uncommon to have problems with your eyewear that may be immediate or develop after using your new eyeglasses for a period of time. Internet providers are unregulated, and are not required to comply with legislation that ensure the safety and accuracy of your finished eyewear.

Spectrum Eyecare & Eyewear has officially reopened in our new office space on 3rd Ave!

We invite you to experience the same exceptional eyecare and distinctive eyewear we have offered over the years. Our Optometrists are committed to the health of your eyes, and our Opticians are passionate about making you shine with the perfect pair of glasses! Our friendly team is ready to assist you with all of your eye related inquiries today, stop by to take a look at the new office, check out our frame selection or book your next eye exam.

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We currently carry over 650 frames and sunglasses, but keep your eyes open for some exciting new additions to our selection in the coming weeks! Call 403-652-2424 today to book your appointment, or stop by for an adjustment and look around.

Thank you to our amazing community for your continued support from the entire Spectrum Eyecare & Eyewear team.


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